Eric Dalius Giving- 8 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged Using Communication

Companies that fail to communicate effectively with their employees will see them disengage says Eric Dalius Giving. It’s just a matter of time until they stop investing effort, goodwill and value in the company. This is not good for your workforce or the organization as a whole. Employees benefit from leadership communication on many levels. […]

Saivian- How to become a successful entrepreneur aged 55 and above: the top 10 tips from Bill Gates’ mentor Warren Buffett!

Becoming a millionaire is now no longer an impossible feat as it was before. Much of this has to do with the fact the world economy has gradually shifted from manufacturing to the service sector thus creating more job opportunities says Saivian. The next big thing comes in various forms such as internet business, network […]

How to Begin Your Business in the Real Estate Industry: Know the Steps That Saivian Eric Dalius Has Pointed Out

Many people choose to start a real estate business. Some do so out of passion, and some want to earn a considerable amount of money within a short span. No matter what your motivational factors are, after all, it’s a business. It will require your time, energy, money, and practical knowledge of the field like […]

Saivian: What’s Working in SEO Right Now – The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business for 2016 Part ½

Back in the day, we had to figure out what we needed to do to get into Google’s index and stay there says Saivian. We couldn’t afford (and still can’t) to hire a team of link-builders and content creators, so we did it ourselves: blogging, microsites, even buying links seemed like a legit option at […]

Saivian: What is a Landing Page and How to Create One That Converts Better?

Landing pages are the final step in the customer journey towards purchase. This is where the consumer finally decides to make contact with your company says Saivian. Because of this, it cannot be emphasized enough how important a landing page is.   It could mean either converting leads into customers or losing sales to another competitor’s […]

Saivian: The Definitive Guide on Building an Online Business from Scratch Part 1/2 – The Basics of Starting an Online Business

This article contains a few sections: 1. Introduction, 2. The Mindset of an Entrepreneur and 3. How to Start an Online Business (The Basics). Keep in mind that this is just the basics, there are thousands upon thousands of other possibilities and paths you can take with starting your own online business so I encourage […]

Saivian: 4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business & 5 Tips for Achieving High-Quality Traffic

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as products they like, personal interests, travel, and business explains Saivian. Although it’s not seen as a direct competitor to Facebook and Twitter by marketers (and increasingly brands), the fast-growing popularity of Pinterest has to lead to widespread […]

Saivian Eric Dalius: What are the main things that stop people from becoming entrepreneurs?

In this article, the author discusses the main reasons people do not become entrepreneurs in modern society says Saivian Eric Dalius. Body: One in five Americans is an entrepreneur according to a study by Having an entrepreneurial spirit makes it easier for one to create a business and better his or her standard of […]

Saivian Eric Dalius: Top 10 Ways to Boost Web Traffic with a Landing Page

Today, companies are increasingly using landing pages to market their products and/or services online says Saivian Eric Dalius. A landing page is a web page that is designed for one specific action, like downloading a particular piece of content or submitting an email address (to capture new leads). The idea of creating landing pages has […]