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Saivian: How to Create Compelling Headlines That Will Drive Traffic and Boost Conversions!

The primary purpose of a headline is to get people excited and entice them into reading your article says Saivian.

If you’re like me, then you know firsthand that finding good information on how to write effective headlines can be difficult. I’ve been writing SEO copy for the past six years and after spending countless hours digging through piles of advice from various sources (including The Advanced Writing Guide), I’ve discovered some ways to make it easier for your audience to see the value in reading your content, as well as how they can benefit from it. So here you go my seven best tips for creating compelling headlines that will drive traffic and boost conversions!

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Before You Start:

Make sure you follow each of these steps when writing headlines to ensure your content is formating in the best possible way. Let’s get started!

1. Create a Headline That Makes Sense for Your Target Audience

The headline you’re using needs to accurately describe what people will learn, but that doesn’t mean it has to be word for word what you plan on covering in your article. Instead, write a title that summarizes the main idea of the article so readers know right away whether or not it will help them solve one of their problems. After all, not everyone who visits your site will have the same question or issue they are looking to solve, so make sure you put yourself in your reader’s shoes when creating a title.

For instance, say you’re writing an article about how to perform SEO on your website and your target audience includes freelancers or small business owners. You would then want to use the following format: “How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings for Small Businesses.” That way people know right away if they can benefit from reading the article before even clicking on it explains Saivian.

2. Write Headlines in Sentences So They Are Easier to Understand

Using complete sentences when writing headlines is important because it makes them easier for your readers to understand and stand out more. People often scan snippets of text online so only using short phrases with keywords will not get their attention as much as when you write in full sentences with proper grammar and formatting.

Remember, your headline needs to be relevant to your article topic, so make sure you are not misleading people into thinking they’re going to read an article about one thing but then actually learning something else. You can achieve this by using words like “How To” or any words that describe the “how” in your title.

3. Utilize Your Keywords

Keyword research is no longer necessary when writing compelling headlines because it’s assume you already know which keywords are best for driving traffic based on your niche or industry. However, Saivian says, if you struggle with coming up with phrases that contain popular terms related to the content of your post, then use sites like Google Suggest to find what other people are typing in when searching online.

For example, typing in “How to Improve Search Rankings” into Google Suggest brings up a drop-down menu that suggests other words and phrases people might use when looking for articles. I would then write a headline using some of these terms as long as they are relevant to my subject matter.

4. Include Numbers or Bullets for Easier Scanning

Writing headlines with numbers or bullets is another great way to draw more readers because it makes your content easier to skim by splitting the information up so it’s not one big block of text. Many times, simply adding a number can increase clicks on your post since it makes the copy look more appealing from an SEO perspective. You can also use images that have numbers on them if you need help coming up with phrases to include, but you should always remember that content is the most important thing says Saivian.

Use numbers and bullets sparingly though because adding too many can make it difficult to read and go against what we mentioned earlier about writing full sentences and utilizing keywords. However, if your article consists of a lot of separate points or insights for readers then this tactic may be useful to you.

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So You Need More Traffic… Now What?

Simple question, right? But why do so many people struggle with generating traffic? It’s pretty simple when you think about it: they don’t have a plan! If you want any chance of generating serious amounts of website traffic – and we’re talking hundreds of thousands of people per month – you need a solid plan.


Saivian says, in order to have a successful business online you need traffic, plain and simple. The article about the headline was interesting to read I would try some of these out since I write a lot of articles for my blog it will be nice.

I applied the Headline Hack formula to this article (and presumably future ones) which can be seen below: How to Create Compelling Headlines That Will Drive Traffic and Boost Conversions!