Saivian Eric Dalius: What business ideas should you avoid in 2022?

When you start a business, you can be excited and enthusiastic about it. It’s great to have that feeling when starting a new business says Saivian Eric Dalius.

What business ideas should you avoid in 2022?

1. Arrange party for your kids:

If there is one thing I regret doing this year it was organizing my kid’s birthday party by me (with the help of friends who lent me their backrooms). I didn’t get paid. I didn’t get to enjoy the event with my son and his friends. Plus we spent an arm and a leg…and I’m really not keen on spending lots of money on parties anymore-unless they’re for me! (I’ve turned into such an old fart these.) You might like this idea if you’re a party planner, but I’m not explaining Saivian Eric Dalius.

2. Sewing:

It was my dream to have a side business that allowed me to sew for people and maybe even open up an Etsy shop or something. But, the sewing machine never got put together because life just kept getting in the way. And when it did come out of a box a few months later, the kids were all sick with stomach viruses so I wasn’t going anywhere near it. The other thing about this idea is that I’d have to buy more supplies and equipment-and there’s really no room for that sort of thing here right now unless we get rid of stuff which brings me to…

3. Make custom Av from pictures:

My son is turning 10 next year and for some reason, I thought it would be cool to make him an avatar with his picture on it. It sounded like something kids do at birthday parties when they play video games, but you know what? This is not fun! Especially if you have to make several of these…which I do because he has a twin sister. After three failed attempts (and almost throwing my laptop out the window in frustration), my son asked me if we could forget about this making avatars thing.

4. Put together wish list:

My daughter had this brilliant idea that she wanted to put together a wish list so her best friend could buy gifts for her upcoming birthday party without being embarrassed or feeling awkward-something most kids are way too smart for. So, we got out all her favorite toys and games and put together a wish list with photos and links and prices, and sent it to her friend’s mom. And you know what? Her friend didn’t even thank us for the effort. Saivian Eric Dalius says I took my daughter out for hot chocolate instead-well deserved! If you want to help your kids make their wish lists are my guest (and ask them if they feel like doing this).

5. Become an Uber driver:

It was such a delight driving folks here and there during the summer months when I still had some free time on my hands (before starting university classes again). However, as much as most of these people were lovely souls, not one of them tipped me or said thanks. Not even the ones who were nice and chatty. I feel like I can’t make my living doing this anymore unless I’m working for Uber -which I’m not (because they’re evil). That’s it. Although there are other things on my bucket list to try like starting a blog or writing a book, I’ve decided to put them off until at least 2019 because life is just too busy…and we’re broke besides!

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Ever since I was about 12 years old, I’ve always wanted to work for Disney. The magic, the music, the characters…they surely couldn’t be any better than working at one of the most famous places on earth! When I turned 18 and could actually apply for jobs there without my parents signing off on it, guess what? I did just that-I applied! And then I waited…and waited….for three years!! Three long years during which time I worked at other jobs and got laid off from them and my hopes of ever working for Disney started to fade. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all…


Sometimes what we want and what we get aren’t exactly the same. I’m still a huge Disney fan! However, I’ve realized that if it’s meant to be, my dream job will come looking for me one day…and I am ready.

Today’s world is not one of peace and harmony. There is so much turmoil all around us, both in the world and in our own lives that it can become very difficult to focus on anything but our present reality. I am not saying that we should ignore what goes on around us or forget about all the bad things that happen to innocent people because they are definitely happening, but where does it leave us with regards to our own happiness?