Saivian Eric Dalius: How I Turned My Passion into a Six-Figure Business

Everyone has a passion, and if you’re lucky enough to find yours it can be a powerful source of motivation says Saivian Eric Dalius. Kevin Jarratt shares how he transformed a hobby into a six-figure business.

“For years now I have been working as the content manager for the Australian Association of National Advertisers E-News, which is an online resource with over 5500 subscribers from Australia’s leading advertisers, advertising agencies, and marketers. In my position, I am responsible for writing feature articles twice weekly on topics that are important to marketers.”

“I started my own publishing company in late 2009, writing articles for major Australian publications on topics that are important to marketers. I also run two blogs aimed at marketing professionals, both of which have a large following.”

“My background is as a journalist who has spent 25 years working on local newspapers and magazines; I am now making more money from my writing than ever before – and it only took me one year to get there.”

“That’s not bad considering all I had was an idea and a website with some free content up and running. And the best thing about it: I work about five hours per week on this business.”

What do you love most?

It is said that we follow our passion if we want to achieve success. There are many stories about people who have turned their hobby into a high-income business, but not everyone is lucky enough to find their passion explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

“I love writing and certainly spend more time than average reading about marketing because it interests me so much,” said Kevin Jarratt, the owner of Content Alchemy. “It’s all I’ve ever done for a living.”

“My background is as a journalist who has spent 25 years working on local newspapers and magazines; I am now making more money from my writing than ever before – and it only took me one year to get there.”

For most people finding your passion can be difficult or you might not even know what your passion is. Take some time to think about what you love doing and what your natural talent is.

The Internet can be a powerful tool for turning a passion into a business, especially if you are willing to learn about the latest online marketing techniques, use social media, and try new things.

Break it down. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business; however, there are many ways of breaking this large task into small, manageable tasks that will help you achieve success.

“This might sound like hard work but I figured out that all I needed was just one article per day on my blog – that’s only seven articles per week,” said Jarratt. “I also spend around two hours writing feature articles for leading Australian publications, which brings me a consistent income of between $800 and $1,200 per month.”

It is important to break large tasks into small actions so that you can achieve success step by step. Another way of doing this is to set out three or four action points that will drive your overall business forward each week.

“I used Google’s keyword tool to find the most searched for terms related to marketing in Australia,” he said. “Once I had those lists I started creating content around them on my website and posting links back to the site from my Twitter account.”

The first task would be deciding what your overall business goal is – whether it’s affiliate sales, advertising revenue, or selling a product. Once you’ve established this, you can break it down into three or four action points that will help you achieve your goal explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

Take small steps. Think about what you can do today to move forward towards achieving your overall business goal. To find out what actions are working for your competitors, try checking their stats on Alexa or take a look at their Google Analytics report to see what’s working for them.

Marketing is the key to any online business so pay close attention to this area and focus on improving the way you market your product or service online.

“I have just written an ebook about how I turned my passion into a six-figure business in 12 months,” said Jarratt. “It’s aimed at marketing who want to start up their own website and earn a living from it.”

You can learn a lot from other people’s success stories, so be sure to stay focused on your business goal and remember that everything you do counts towards achieving it. If you find something isn’t working for you, don’t waste any time trying to fix it – just move on to the next action point or action item instead says Saivian Eric Dalius.


Kevin Jarratt turned his passion into a high-income business in less than one year.

Now, he is sharing how he did it and he is offering his ebook for free! How I Turned My Passion Into a Six-Figure Business.